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My name is Slav KonikI’m a personal trainer with 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. As a young boy, I competed at all levels of football competitions as well as a short time as a professional.

Sport has accompanied me since I was a child, and I always knew what I wanted to achieve, but the moment came when I had to give up sport for several years. The photos you see later are the effect of inactivity.

Why did I come back? Because I love sport, I like challenges, and I also love hard work based on consistency. Currently, working as a trainer, I try to convey these principles to my clients. That nothing is for free, we have to put our whole heart in to achieve success.

I have my own style of training people as well as my own view of the current fitness industry. I prefer the old style of training without inventing exercises and their transformations. Simplicity is the key to success, and I stick to it, using it from the beginning.

If you decide to work with me, don’t count on ego stroking or sweet words. You won’t find it here. What matters to me is your progress, I expect the same from everyone:


My goal is to change your mindset about the gym and understand the whole process from A to Z so that your goal is achieved in the best possible way.

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Nick Haaker
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I've worked with hardhorse and done some leg sessions, one of the best instructors I have ever met, been training for over 10 years. You want results?? Use him!
Bethan Mea
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HardHorse Fitness is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Slav brings out the best version of you- expectations are exceeded. The guidance, care and form correction is phenomenal. He truly works with you and is committed to your training. The Improvements within a week of working with HardHorse Fitness are incredible! Could not speak more highly, and I look forward to every session- Thank you!
Mike Hartigan
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Have been training with HardHorse for three years now, he gives me the motivation to overcome my ups and downs in the health and exercise program. Pushes me further than I knew I was capable of. As he says "age is just a number" and I am better now than I was 15 years ago. Thanks Slav
Adam Bennett
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Since training with Slav not only has he pushed me to be the healthiest I've been for a long time I have also exceeded what I thought I could achieve. His knowledge, experience and motivation are second to none, if you want help achieving your goals I highly recommend him.
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Well where do I start, since the first day I started training with slav I knew this was the personal trainer I was looking for, we set my goals together and worked together to achieve these, what I liked about slav was his passion to get his client to achieve there goal and not just seeing you as just another client, the plan and process I received was individual to me based I'm my life style and time I could commit, over the time with training with slav and good friendship was achieved with him and also his clients and was always involved in group session, to be honest I couldn't rate slav enough he goes above and beyond.
Helen Hartigan
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The first time I've ever got a second years gym membership, and now I'm on my third! Even changed gym to train at a different level with Slav. Has kept me motivated and stopped me getting bored. My goal is to stay as fit as I can and as a mid 50s woman and Slav understands, unlike some PT instructors that threat us all the same.
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What can I say? This man is an amazing PT. He has helped me so much over the last 2 years with my weight loss, dieting and goals. Slav will continue to help me with my next lot of goals in the future. If it wasn't for him I would be where I am now. Thank you so much, you're the best ever 💪❤️💪❤️
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It's always empowering to find someone who is so passionate about what they do, and Slav certainly falls into this category. He is fastidious with his approach which requires nutrition, technique and frequency to be 'on point'. This can also be a frustration point for him, as he's often noticing poor posture and/or poor technique which he often passes comment on. I understand his passion but for me if someone has made it to the gym and is exercising, I'd rather they'd be doing that than sat drinking, smoking or eating into oblivion – they're probably on a journey and not yet ready to go to the next stage. I've personally learnt a huge amount about nutrition but more importantly about how to exercise particular muscle groups to achieve better results. He's also guided me and adjusted my lifting technique (in specific areas) which has meant better results but also a reduction in risk of injury. Thanks for your support over the last three months and may I wish you all the best in achieving your future aims. Every time I enter a gym now I'll be thinking 'Stick To The Plan'!

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